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Top 5 Steam is the choice for gamers

Top 5 Steam is the choice for gamers

Valve's Steam is the most popular PC, a gaming distribution site among the community today, as there are many game collections giving them great discounts.

Due to the popularity of game distribution, there are a number of game distribution services that have surfaced in recent years and it seems they are a combination of popularity and indie that you will never encounter.

Although Steam has many things. But it doesn't come without its own mistakes, and a happy monopoly doesn't have to be a good thing for the gaming community.
If you're bored with Valve's Steam and want to try a new service, we've prepared a list for you to try.


Origin, the owner of Electronic Arts, has been on the market for a long time, and they have top-tier games from FIFA, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Mass Effect, Sims, and more.

Game distributors also give away free games every few weeks on display in the 'On the House' catalog, which typically has games released two or three years ago or more.

Origin, available through desktops, clients and websites, is one of the most reliable and secure options to go every time you look for high-end games.

They allow users to try out new books for free and offer refunds for purchases in case you are not satisfied with the game.


Gamersgate is another useful channel for gamers looking for popular mixes and high-potential indie games.

Aside from the large collection of AAA games, the Game Services distribution also uses a popular reward program, which not only But aiming to help new game players only But also helps the service to gain loyalty and popularity.

The Gamersgate Rewards system works with their virtual currency - blue coins, which can be obtained from pre-orders, game ratings, as well as submitting feedback.
Blue coins can be used to buy games from the catalog instead of using real currency.


Gamefly is another great game distribution service with titles such as Tomb Raider, NBA, Batman, MotoGP and many more, beginning as a game rental service.

The service used to deliver games by mail in the past, then moved to online rentals, and now has moved to game distribution. But there is a catch here

This service is aimed at building a customer base around those who own smart TVs - supporting Samsung, LG and Phillips to date - and are ready to exchange their keyboards and mice for game keys that may be made by Gamefly.
However, you don't need a dedicated console to play games on the service, just turn on the TV, switch to the service and turn on the game.


GOG, or Good Old Games, is another valuable game distribution service to consider as an alternative to Steam's Valve, as it provides users with AAA service.

But what really stands out is the community that hopes that players will play the games they want because they maintain a community group that they want the games they want to buy, which are updated weekly and the best service to access the games. In the list

GOG also offers all titles for free DRM which means there is no copyright protection or online checking.

Like the Steam GOG client, released a desktop client called GOG Galaxy, even though it's in beta.

Green man gaming

Last on the list But another notable AAA name such as Call of Duty, Hitman, Tomb Raider and many more offers, Green Man Gaming, is another option worth your time. It is a great way for gamers who want to buy the latest books as the website offers new books with discounts.

It is a great way for gamers who want to buy the latest books as the website offers new books with discounts.

Like the Gamersgate Rewards program, Green Man Gaming gives users credit for pre-ordering games, reviewing them, and recommending friends to their services.
The service has a strict refund policy. But the credit offer is a reward for games that have been digitally downloaded from their service, which can be used to buy other games. Their desktop client, "Playfire", is in beta.

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